Genuine Contact Space
Art of Convening & Harnessing Human Potential

The human spirit is more powerful than any external force or objects and that is what needs to be nourished. In a lifestyle when more than half of the day is spent at work and circumstances where our days leave little time for contemplation and reflection, how do we nurture the spirit?  

We, at Genuine Contact Space, offer methods for hosting meetings at workplaces in such a manner which create environment to connect with self, with each other, with deeper sources of inspiration and intention, to develop personal capacities for transformative changes within and across the systems, if required.

We specialize in Circlework and use it as a foundational practice for convening any kind of group meetings, e.g. content trainings, and stakeholders’ consultation.  Circlework™ is not just the practice of gathering in circles, it is an expression of a certain consciousness. It not only makes people talk, but listen too. It opens up space for us as human beings and not human doings. And as a result any work done using the principles of Circlework results in the following:

-life nurturing conditions to work through meeting agenda

-share ideas in a way that creates a collective wisdom

-promotes authentic participation 

-creates positive work output by better grasping of content and motivation for action

Our work is in the domain of capacity development in the thematic areas of public health, education, local self governance, gender issues, communication, human resources and organization development, through facilitation of content trainings, workshops and stakeholder consultations.