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Art of Convening & Harnessing Human Potential

Capacity development, trainings, workshops and stakeholder consultation are an integral part of development work these days. As leaders and managers, the aim is that capacity development work, trainings, meetings and workshops are facilitated in such a manner that the participants learn content, engage in creative problem solving, feel motivated and are able to sustain the learning once they leave the event. This requires moving away from one-way lecture or power point presentation style of approaches to participatory approaches. We customize approaches which are participatory and tap the Whole Person, and as a result, produce better outcomes.   

Most of our work is offered through the medium of workshops that involve participatory, holistic and whole systems approaches. Our facilitation tools, methods and frameworks create life nurturing conditions to work with diverse group of people to share ideas in a way that creates a collective wisdom, promotes authentic participation and energy which unites them in their common humanness to create positive work output.

Our facilitation approaches are highly effective for:-

-content based trainings

-review workshops

-routine weekly/monthly team meetings

-getting ideas/inputs from a cross section of stakeholder

-getting ideas from in-house teams, across functions  

-prioritization and action planning

-consensus building

-program review and organizational review holistically